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3.7V 4300mAh Low Temperature Lithium Polymer Battery Design Solution of Exploder

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3.7V 4300mAh Low Temperature Lithium Polymer Battery Design Solution of Exploder

March 22, 2021
Latest company case about 3.7V 4300mAh Low Temperature Lithium Polymer Battery Design Solution of Exploder

The former exploder is held by human, which always leads to accident. As the development of industrial equipment, the new exploder which can explode according to time and order setting is invented. It can be controlled by internet in long distance and replace people for site explosion so as to lessen the accidents.


application environment place □ indoor ■ outdoor
operating temperature/humidity -40~60℃;40~80%RH
storage temperature/humidity -20~45℃;50~70%RH
special performance the requirements of charging and discharging under high-temperature & low-temperature


Charge at 0~45℃;

Discharge at -40~60℃

other requirements expiration date one year
explosive-proof grade Ex Type/ equipment category/ gas group/ temperature group
waterproof grade /
dustproof grade /
dropping frequency /
application features operating voltage 3.0~4.2V
capacity 4300mAh
working hours /
dimension 12*57*99mm
operating current 2.15A
maximum starting current 3.0A,starting time 20 ms
maximum continuous operating current 2.15A
frequency and time intermittent use(use it when explosion start, intermittent use, daily standby)
capacity management communication mode □SMBUS □I2C □HDQ
certification and environmental requirement of finished products types □GB31241-2014(CQC) □CE
□UL2054 □UL60950
□un38.3 □RCM
□component verification □BIS
■ RoHS □battery directive
□halogen-free other:



project No. 03DQ0074-01
specification 855085/1S1P/4300mAh/3.7V
cell model 855085/4300mAh/3.7V
guard plate and hardware configuration IC S-8261-G3M
MOS AO8810
other /
encapsulation mode □fundamental protection□PVC+non-fundamental protection■housing+fundamental protection□housing+non-fundamental protection
key parameters nominal voltage 3.7V
nominal capacity 4300mAh
dimension 12*57*99mm
internal resistance ≤ 180 m Ω
weight 100g
charging current 860mA
continuous discharge current 4.3A
protective current 2~5A
charging voltage 4.2V
End-off voltage 3.0V
cycle life

Charging and discharging requirements: charge at 0.2c, discharge at 0.2c

When leave 80% capacity, the cycle life is over 300 times.

charging temperature 0~45℃
discharging temperature -40~60℃
storage temperature -20~60℃
temperature protection /±/℃
key features 1、Can discharge at -40℃
2、High low temperature discharge retention; discharge 0.2C at -40℃/ capacity is 70~75% under normal temperature
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