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5V 2A Jump Starter of Multiple Function Vehicle

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5V 2A Jump Starter of Multiple Function Vehicle

December 3, 2020
Latest company case about 5V 2A Jump Starter of Multiple Function Vehicle


Jump starter of multiple function vehicle is the emergency power supply for the circumstances of lack of battery, cold weather or flat tire. It can charge for laptop, tablet, mobile phone, etc. and is good for family trip, camping and endurance run.


Ⅰ. Vehicle emergency power supply function:

1. Vehicle emergency start: Start up the car by emergency battery when the car battery is out of charge.

2. Pump up the tire: It can charge the blast pump equipped with the car.

3. Inspection lighting: It has flash light for car inspection at night.

4. Emergency alarm light: It can turn on emergency alarm light with red light alarm signal for automobile maintenance at night.

5. Electronic lighter: 5V/2A output terminal; it can charge electronic lighter, which is convenient for outdoor life.

6. Charge digital product: Multiple voltage terminal; support digital products including laptop, tablet, camera, mobile phone, etc.

7. Three charging modes: 12V car charging, AC charging, solar power charging; it can charge at home or on car.


Ⅱ. Three advantages of vehicle emergency power supply

1. Ultra-safe LiFePO4 battery: The safest LiFePO4 battery with high rate charging and discharging; no danger for reverse charging.

2. Low- temperature heating: can preheat the power pack at -40℃ to assure normal operation under low temperature.

3. Multiple safety protection actions

There are two NTC temperature monitoring and temperature control instrument with multiple temperature protective function.


It has protective functions of overcharging, over discharging, overcurrent, short circuit, etc.


Car jump starter and blast pump with 12V output has fuse protection.


What’s more, this multiple car jumper starter supports OEM ODM custom and is very suitable for customer’s automobile emergency power supply.


Ⅲ. The functions of emergency power supply

12V car emergency start: clamp the anode of battery by red clip, and black clip for cathode, insert battery connector into EC5 terminal of emergency terminal, start up the car, then take out the plug and clips on the battery.


Inflate a tire: connect blast pump and emergency power supply of the car by connector, connect inflator and tire, turn on the power switch, and then you can inflate the tire.

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