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company news about Cobalt and lithium prices rise too high, consumer battery prices to rise

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Cobalt and lithium prices rise too high, consumer battery prices to rise
Latest company news about Cobalt and lithium prices rise too high, consumer battery prices to rise


In terms of cobalt, the inventory of intermediate cobalt products is tight, and the speculation expectation is slightly irrational. This week, the price of cobalt has also increased significantly, and the purchase orders in the lower reaches have increased, and the stock may be ready after the Spring Festival. In terms of lithium, the trend of domestic lithium salt is gradually improving, the supply side will remain at a low level in the first quarter, the domestic stock at the end of the year will continue, and the price will continue to rise before the year.


In terms of small power, the demand for electric two wheeled vehicles is weakening, and the demand for batteries is gradually decreasing. On the one hand, due to the cold weather, consumers' desire to travel by bike is weakened. In addition, the centralized and excessive use of shared motorcycles before, some local governments began to control the disorder of motorcycles due to the improvement of city appearance, which also caused a certain degree of pressure on demand. As for 3C, the price of upstream lithium cobaltite continues to rise, and the demand of downstream notebook tablets and other terminals is still good. The shortage of raw materials of small factories continues to maintain, and some large factories are also forced by the cost pressure, so they plan to raise the battery price to transfer part of the cost.


The spot price of electrolytic cobalt rose this week. The price of cobalt intermediate products is rising, the domestic raw material inventory is tight, the suppliers of electrolytic cobalt are still relatively reluctant to sell, and the price is bullish. Cobalt intermediate prices rose this week. Domestic spot inventory tension, a substantial increase in prices, a few high price transactions, prices up. This week, the price of SMM electrolytic cobalt was 29000-309000 Yuan / ton, with an average price increase of 11500 Yuan / ton compared with last week. SMM cobalt intermediate prices range from US $13.2 to US $13.8 per pound, with an average price increase of US $0.6 per pound compared with last week.


The price of cobalt oxide rose on Thursday. It is expected that the inventory will be tight, the quotation of Co3O4 will be greatly increased, and the quotation of some suppliers will be 245000-255000 Yuan / ton, the downstream acceptance will increase, and the transaction price may rise.

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