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Design of lithium battery pack for 51.2v 50ah intelligent detection robot

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Design of lithium battery pack for 51.2v 50ah intelligent detection robot

January 3, 2021
Latest company case about Design of lithium battery pack for 51.2v 50ah intelligent detection robot


Due to the rapid development of intelligent robot technology, there are more and more applications. The lithium battery of intelligent detection robot customized by our company has the characteristics of "high energy, high density, high cycle life and wide use environment temperature", which can make the robot work normally all day long in harsh environment from - 20 ℃ to 65 ℃.


It is widely used in AGV, RGV, AGV, industrial robot, service robot, automation system, intelligent logistics carrier, special robot and other intelligent automatic logistics handling equipment.


1. Battery design requirements of intelligent detection robot:

According to the requirements and specifications of customers, we design low-temperature battery pack for railway track, aircraft and other detection equipment, and cooperate with temperature protection and other safety protection circuits, so as to achieve the battery solution for battery and equipment to operate in low temperature and harsh environment.


2. The specific parameters are as follows:

• Core design requirements: Ternary lithium 26650-14s12p / 50ah / 51.2v

• Structural design requirements: less than 375x260x215mm, beautiful appearance, overall dust-proof, waterproof and shockproof, cold-rolled plate powder spraying shell and aviation connector.

• Circuit design requirements: working temperature: - 20 ~ + 60 ℃, motor power: 1200W, rail car mileage: 30-40km, working 2-4 small four, charging 58.8v/5a.•


3. Battery design of intelligent detection robot

• Sheet metal powder spraying shell and plastic battery bracket: according to the customer's requirements, the design size meets the requirements of sheet metal shell, the surface powder spraying makes sub black effect, achieves the exquisite design requirements, achieves the requirements of waterproof, dustproof and shockproof, adopts one-piece molding nickel strip spot welding, matches with the plastic bracket to connect the cell, and uses copper bar bridging, which ensures the impedance and reliability of the whole battery pack.

• Protection board

• Secondary protection (PTC): designed for over-current protection. PTC recoverable fuse has double functions of over-current protection and automatic recovery. PTC in battery products can prevent high temperature discharge and unsafe high current.

• Special vacuum waterproof aviation plug: Vacuum waterproof connection is adopted outside the battery to meet the waterproof requirements of customers

• La26650-14s12p / 50ah / 51.2v lithium cell battery pack (low temperature cell)

• Battery arrangement scheme

Customer's overall size: 375x260x215mm (maximum size)

Battery combination: 14s12p, divided into seven small modules


4. Product realization diagram of intelligent detection robot battery:

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