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company news about As the new energy vehicle market matures, the post market construction of power battery will usher in a golden decade

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As the new energy vehicle market matures, the post market construction of power battery will usher in a golden decade
Latest company news about As the new energy vehicle market matures, the post market construction of power battery will usher in a golden decade


Potential demand and profit expectation are the main reasons for the start of power battery aftermarket construction. He told reporters that the power battery recycling market alone is expected to form a scale of 100 billion in the next 10 years. With the continuous growth of new energy vehicle ownership, power battery maintenance and leasing will form a huge market scale.


Recently, it was reported that Ningde times invested 548 million yuan to set up the times Mindong new energy fund. According to the official announcement, Ningde times and its wholly-owned subsidiary Ningbo wending will jointly invest in the establishment of Fujian times Mindong new energy industry equity investment partnership with Qingdao SAIC and SAIC Hengxu. The fund invests in lithium-ion batteries and materials, energy storage, renewable energy, new energy vehicles and artificial intelligence, upstream and downstream related industries, industries and extended ecology.


This is not the first time for Ningde to lay out the upstream and downstream industrial chain of power battery. The reporter found that with the development of new energy vehicle industry, Ningde era's business territory has extended to the power battery aftermarket, a trillion level market to be developed.


Sustainable development of new energy vehicle industry

All kinds of signs show that Ningde times is making a comprehensive layout in the field of power battery aftermarket by establishing joint ventures, reaching strategic cooperation and becoming a shareholder. Its scope of involvement includes vehicle power separation, charging and replacing power stations, energy storage, maintenance, testing, etc.

It is reported that Ningde era and BAIC new energy, SK new energy and Langfang Anpeng fund have led the investment in a + round financing of bluevalley smart energy of over 300 million yuan. After the transaction is completed, Ningde era will hold 8.89% of blue valley smart energy. As an enterprise of BAIC Blue Valley devoted to the business of electricity exchange and battery recovery, bluevalley smart energy is committed to the deep integration of new energy vehicles, power batteries, power cells, power stations and photovoltaic power generation through the technology of power exchange and battery reuse. Its products include optical storage and exchange power station, mobile charging vehicle, etc. Prior to that, Ningde era has established a battery asset company jointly with Weilai automobile, focusing on promoting the separation business of baas vehicle and electricity of Weilai automobile, and cooperating with Nezha automobile to arrange battery bank.


In addition, Ningde times has carried out in-depth cooperation with Southern Electric, Baicheng new energy, Xingyun Co., Ltd., Yongfu Co., Ltd., prolos, etc. on post market operation and maintenance services of power batteries such as energy supplement, storage, charging and inspection of new energy vehicles.


Secretary General of the National Joint Conference on passenger car market information, told reporters that one of the main reasons for paying attention to the power battery aftermarket is the need to consider the sustainable development of the new energy vehicle industry. According to the research on power battery life cycle asset operation and management (hereinafter referred to as "research") released by China electric vehicle 100 people's Congress, with the gradual arrival of the era of electrification, the five central roles of power battery are gradually clear. That is, power battery has become the cost center, safety center, important data generation center, scarce resource consumption center and energy storage center of electric vehicles. In addition to R & D and production, the application of power battery in vehicle end use, recycling and data platform is becoming more and more important.

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