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company news about Cobalt salt down, but the smelting gap is still limited in lithium smelting output, resulting in ore price up

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Cobalt salt down, but the smelting gap is still limited in lithium smelting output, resulting in ore price up
Latest company news about Cobalt salt down, but the smelting gap is still limited in lithium smelting output, resulting in ore price up


Ternary precursor

On Wednesday, the price of Yuan precursor remained unchanged. At the beginning of this week, the average price of power precursor products increased slightly with the increase of last month's raw material price. However, considering the slight downward trend of cobalt and nickel prices, the quotation of precursor stopped rising in the first half of this week. Downstream material enterprises are more sensitive to changes in the price of raw materials, and depress the price of precursor factories. In the second half of the week, the quotation of precursor enterprises decreased slightly, and the market turnover is still not high.


Lithium carbonate

The price of lithium carbonate rose slightly this week. At present, the domestic lithium carbonate trading volume is gradually decreasing, and the downstream raw material side stock has been completed until April to May. The wait-and-see mood is obvious. The output of superimposed mica and salt lake has begun to pick up, and the price has begun to stabilize. In the short term, we cannot rule out the price callback caused by stable demand and increased supply.


Lithium hydroxide

The price of lithium hydroxide rose this week. In February, the demand side of lithium hydroxide increased slightly, and some new high nickel production capacity increased gradually; the inventory consumption of the supply side around the Spring Festival was obvious, the overseas orders of large manufacturers surged, and the domestic supply was short of demand. It is expected that the price will still rise slightly, and the price gap of lithium carbonate and lithium hydroxide will gradually narrow.


Lithium cobaltite

The price of lithium cobalt oxide was flat this week. This week, the trading of lithium cobaltite was also light. The market bought up but not down. The wait-and-see and bearish sentiment became stronger. Lithium cobaltite orders are mainly long orders, and the price depends on the market.


Ternary materials

The price of Yuan materials rose on Wednesday. This week, the price of precursor was relatively stable, the price of lithium salt still rose slightly, and the quotation of ternary materials rose steadily. However, due to the influence of cobalt and nickel, the downstream sentiment is negative and the acceptance of high price is weak. The prices of large factories have been stable for the time being, and the quotations of some small and medium-sized factories have shown a downward trend.


Lithium iron phosphate

This week, the demand for iron and lithium is soaring. The price goes up with lithium salt, and the downstream companies sign more long-term orders. Most iron and lithium plants have quoted nearly 50000. It is expected that there will still be upward space in the future. This week, the price of SMM lithium iron phosphate (power type) was 44000-49000 Yuan / ton, with an average price increase of 10000 Yuan / ton compared with last week.


Lithium manganite

LiMn2O4 prices remain unchanged this week. This week, the price of industrial carbon rose slightly, which had little impact on the cost of lithium manganate. Due to the temporary sufficient downstream inventory and weak procurement demand, the market transaction of lithium manganate was light and the price was relatively stable.


Anode material

The price of anode materials will remain unchanged this week. Recently, the prices of needle coke and petroleum coke are still rising, and the transaction prices of some graphite have increased, but they are basically purchased by small and medium-sized battery enterprises, and the purchase prices of large factories have not changed. This is mainly due to the strong bargaining power of large manufacturers and the relatively high profit margin of anode material enterprises. According to the market feedback, if the raw material prices continue to rise, the anode material enterprises may increase the prices at the end of the second quarter.


In terms of cobalt, overseas prices combined with the decline of domestic futures prices affected the market sentiment and slightly overreacted. In terms of fundamentals, the gap of domestic cobalt raw materials and upstream smelters is still in progress, and the marginal amount of the gap is decreasing.

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