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company news about Good policy, strong price of cobalt and lithium in new energy industry

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Good policy, strong price of cobalt and lithium in new energy industry
Latest company news about Good policy, strong price of cobalt and lithium in new energy industry


Battery terminal market:

In terms of power market, the general office of the State Council recently issued a notice on the development plan of new energy vehicle industry (2021-2035), some contents of which have been changed compared with the draft for comments issued in December 19, such as adjusting the penetration rate of new energy vehicles to 20%, and increasing the energy consumption per 100 km by 1 degree. This policy has more reasonable provisions on the penetration rate and power consumption requirements of new energy vehicles in the future. In addition, it has strengthened the construction of charging and swapping services, power battery recovery system and national supervision, and has a positive impact on the future five years and long-term demand for cobalt and lithium.


Upstream raw material price:

Cobalt: the quotation of cobalt salt is still strong this week, a few transaction prices have slightly increased by 1000-2000 Yuan / ton, most of the orders are still under discussion, and the turnover is expected to rise; the quotation of cobalt tetroxide is firm, and the mainstream transaction price is still around 210000 Yuan / ton. This week, the quotation of a few smelters has been lowered, the shipment price of traders has been lowered, and the demand is sluggish. It is not ruled out that some suppliers sell their goods at low prices. However, the overall low-cost inventory in the market is reduced, and the expected price may stop falling.


Lithium: electricity carbon transactions are sporadic this week. The mainstream transaction price is about 43000-43000 Yuan / ton. In recent two months, the price has increased by 3000 Yuan / ton. The upstream and downstream game has increased, and it is expected that it will remain stable in the short term. This week, the quotation of industrial carbon was raised, and it is expected that the low transaction price will continue to rise to 36000 Yuan / ton. This week, the price of lithium hydroxide remained stable for the time being.


Cathode materials and precursors: in terms of ternary materials and precursors, the price of cobalt salt has a rising trend in recent years, and the price of nickel salt is relatively strong, but it is difficult for downstream companies to accept the price increase, and the price of material factories is under pressure. In terms of lithium manganate and lithium iron phosphate, the price of lithium salt increased, and the downstream demand was better, but the battery enterprises kept the price down for a long time. In order to maintain the stability of customers, the market of lithium manganate and lithium iron was forced to reduce prices, and the cost pressure was increased.


Nickel: this week's quotation of battery grade nickel sulfate continued to last week's 275-28000 / T, but the low range of the mainstream transaction price in the market has risen to around 27500 / T. this week, it is still in the normal purchasing period, but the market transaction is still relatively light.

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