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company news about The emergence of marine UPS power supply greatly ensures the safety of marine operation

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The emergence of marine UPS power supply greatly ensures the safety of marine operation
Latest company news about The emergence of marine UPS power supply greatly ensures the safety of marine operation


The emergence of marine UPS power supply greatly ensures the safety of marine operation. With the rapid development of ship technology, the requirements of various advanced equipment on the ship for the power supply system are higher and higher. The traditional ship power supply detection work generally relies on manual way, which is not only time-consuming and laborious, but also relatively poor in reliability. With the increasing automation of marine engine room, UPS is becoming more and more essential, and has been widely used in ships in recent years.


The emergence of marine UPS power supply greatly ensures the safety of marine operation

The emergence of marine UPS power supply is to meet the requirements of power supply for offshore platforms, ships and related special environment. Because the navigation system, emergency lighting system, life-saving system, it equipment, communication system and other equipment of offshore platform and ship have high requirements for the stability of power supply system, a variety of technologies to improve the performance and stability are integrated for this high requirement marine ups.

First of all, it adopts a unique intelligent intermittent charge and discharge battery management and battery monitoring technology, as well as programmable battery periodic diagnosis and monitoring technology. These two technologies can not only provide users with the working status and fault information of the battery pack in time, but also effectively control the charging and discharging process of the battery pack, so that the service life of the battery can be prolonged by more than 50%, and the stability of the power supply system used on the ship is increased.


Main performance characteristics of marine UPS

① The operation efficiency is high, up to 95%, and the operation is quiet, while the ordinary UPS power supply can only reach 85%, and the noise is large;

② It is suitable for all kinds of capacitive, inductive and mixed loads, such as lighting, computers, microwave ovens, printers, air conditioners, electric tools, etc., with high starting power; especially suitable for loads such as refrigerators, compressors, electric tools, etc., traditional UPS technology does not provide similar performance;

③ The charging current of ordinary UPS is small and the capacity of battery pack is limited, which is not suitable for the requirement of frequent discharge of storage battery on ship, and the battery is often insufficient. However, the special UPS for ship has large charging current, long standby time and can quickly fill the battery;

④ In terms of usability and installation, the cabin space is relatively limited. The general UPS is larger in volume and heavier in weight. No matter which one needs to be on the floor or placed on the table, occupying a certain installation position.


Safety regulations for UPS power supply operation of ships

1. The repair, maintenance and installation of UPS power supply equipment shall be carried out by the electrical personnel of the ship. Without the permission of the chief engineer, other personnel are forbidden to carry out electrical work.

2. Insulating shoes must be worn during power maintenance and repair. It is forbidden to wear slippers and other unsuitable shoes for electrical work. Insulating shoes should be updated regularly.

3. The insulating rubber in front of and behind the main distribution board and distribution board shall be kept clean and intact, and shall not be used for other purposes. No articles are allowed to be stored inside the distribution board, distribution box and control box.

4. Red "high voltage danger" warning signs shall be marked on high voltage parts such as distribution board, power box and socket box. Fire extinguisher suitable for extinguishing electrical fire shall be provided near the distribution board.

Marine UPS has a longer service life, and can adapt to various environmental conditions, such as seismic resistance, impact resistance, anti-tilt and anti-temperature change, etc., which are rated as first-class. In addition, they fully meet the electromagnetic compatibility requirements of ship navigation and radio communication equipment, and have reached the iec60945 electrical system standard. They can be installed in the cab and have no impact on sensitive instruments and equipment on board.


With the continuous development of UPS power supply technology, the switching conditions of the main device switch tube under the resonant state are improved, realizing the current resonant soft turn-on and zero current turn-off, which greatly reduces the switching loss of the switch tube and freewheeling diode. This kind of power supply has the characteristics of small size, high efficiency, wide applicability, wide adjustment range and small electromagnetic interference. The test results show that the voltage ripple peak and peak value meet the requirements when the output is full load, which is very suitable for marine UPS power supply and widely used.

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