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company news about Who is growing against the trend? 185 lithium battery concept shares: a "look at" results in January September

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Who is growing against the trend? 185 lithium battery concept shares: a "look at" results in January September
Latest company news about Who is growing against the trend? 185 lithium battery concept shares: a "look at" results in January September


From January to September, some listed companies in the lithium battery industry chain also delivered relatively beautiful report cards: from January to September, there were 62 companies with double growth of revenue and net profit, accounting for 33.51%; 26 companies with revenue exceeding 10 billion, accounting for 14.05%; 10 enterprises with net profit exceeding 1 billion Yuan, accounting for 5.41%; 53 companies with sales gross profit exceeding 30%, accounting for 28.65%.


The performance of lithium battery concept stocks in the first three quarters:

1) Lithium battery industry chain enterprises face market competition with technological innovation

Among the 185 lithium battery concept stocks included in the battery network statistics, 59 companies had R & D expenses of more than 100 million Yuan, accounting for 31.89%; 66 enterprises had R & D expenses accounting for more than 5% of revenue, accounting for 35.68%.

At the press conferences of major enterprises in the lithium battery industry chain, self-owned brand technology innovation frequently appeared: blade battery, CTP battery, cobalt free battery, "zero depletion" battery, grapheme battery, fluoride ion battery, and rare metal free battery

In addition, the 8th ABEC 2020 China (Changsha Ningxiang) battery new energy industry international summit forum held recently also released a signal: In 2020, although the battery new energy industry is affected by the epidemic situation and the cooling of the consumption environment and other factors, the enterprises in the industry chain are moving forward with heavy load, but under the general situation of global competition, it has become the common choice for most domestic enterprises to break through the continuous technological innovation.


2) The performance of cobalt lithium resources listed companies is getting better and new opportunities in equipment field

From January to September, there were 30 enterprises with a year-on-year increase in net profit, of which 9 were involved in the production of lithium cobalt upstream raw materials and 7 were involved in lithium battery equipment.

Relevant data show that in 2019, lithium price continues the downward trend of 2018, and the overall cobalt price also shows a downward trend of shock. Since the beginning of this year, the overall performance of cobalt price has been stable, and the lithium price has also maintained a stable market. Since the middle of July, the price of cobalt salt has been rising one after another, and the price of battery grade lithium carbonate has also risen slowly. At the same time, information related to long-term purchase agreements for lithium and cobalt ores has also increased significantly. The relative stability of market demand and price has brought favorable support to the performance recovery of relevant listed companies.

In the field of equipment, since this year, leading intelligent and win technology head enterprises have continuously won large orders of lithium battery equipment. Soochow Securities believes that in the next few years, there will be a large gap between supply and demand of batteries, especially the serious shortage of high-end production capacity. Batteries will enter the peak of production expansion, and the equipment link will become the earliest link in the electric vehicle industry chain.


3) IPO is only one side of the enthusiasm

In 2020, under the cold economic winter, the industrial chain will encounter a "big earthquake". Among 185 lithium battery concept stocks, 13 stocks are currently in St, including many leading enterprises.

At the same time, since this year, the enthusiasm of enterprises in the whole industry chain of lithium batteries, from automobile enterprises and battery enterprises to battery materials and equipment, has been warming up.


4) Cross border mergers and acquisitions are cooling down, and the trend of vertical and horizontal mergers and acquisitions in the industrial chain is highlighted

Many of the listed companies in the field of cross-border lithium batteries, which used to be high-profile, are now silent. Many enterprises' lithium battery related businesses are sluggish, stop production and transfer, and even lead to the performance of listed companies. On the contrary, with the improvement of market-oriented concentration of battery industry, the vertical integration layout of the industry chain and the trend of horizontal merger and acquisition have become increasingly prominent, especially in the field of equipment, diaphragm, electrolyte and other subdivided fields, the industry reshuffle is deepening, and this trend is more obvious.

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