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Power lithium battery development project for electric jet ski

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Power lithium battery development project for electric jet ski

May 20, 2021
Latest company case about Power lithium battery development project for electric jet ski

Design requirements


With the breakthrough of lithium battery technology, the lithium battery industry has become more and more industrialized, and the price of lithium batteries has been reduced accordingly, which is more in line with more scenarios. From small household appliances to automobiles and heavy-duty trucks, pure electric versions are gradually being introduced. This is a battery solution for water electric motorboats. Conventional motorboats use 4-stroke gasoline engines as power output and electric motors as power output. Zero emission is more environmentally friendly. Because it is a lithium battery used in water equipment, according to motorboats The characteristics of this, the problem of waterproofing must first be solved. In addition, it can withstand the erosion of seawater. In terms of power, the environmental variables of the motorboat's long-distance on the sea are relatively large. The click power is large, and the continuous output of large current must be achieved, so the output stability of the battery control board has high requirements.


Design plan

Protection board (PCM): The driving motor power of the jet ski is relatively high, and the high-speed motorboat is in an undulating state when driving on the sea surface. It has very high requirements on the control board. The recoil force can cause instantaneous current changes. Therefore, the overall circuit design margin reserves enough to ensure the stable output current of the battery to the control board. Due to the chemical characteristics of the lithium battery itself, it is necessary to provide intelligent power calculation, overcharge, overdischarge, short circuit, overcurrent and overcurrent. Temperature protection function. In order to avoid dangers such as burning and explosion.

IC: The main protection function chip of the design scheme, which performs online monitoring of overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent, short circuit and other functions of the battery cell. Make the batteries work in a safe, stable and efficient range.

Protocol: CAN / RS485


Overcurrent fuse/1 level 2 protection circuit: In addition to active protection, at least 3 levels of overcurrent protection ensure that the battery can be discharged safely in a special working environment.

18650 lithium batteries: 18650 rate lithium batteries of international first-line brands

Battery pack packaging: shock-proof and explosion-proof structure, waterproof and sealed structure, all-metal shell

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